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SafŒno™ GV S107: Ideally adapted to premium whites.
SpringCell™ Color G2: The new generation of SpringCell Color.

For a long time yeast was considered as a commodity for simply facilitating fermentation and safeguarding yields. Today, wine producers understand that yeast is also a tool for giving character to their wine. It can be used to modify the elegance of aromas, flavour strength and a beverage’s distinct final notes.
Today, the quality of our yeasts and fermentation solutions means Fermentis can shoulder you upstream in your creation process, whether you produce red, white, rosé or sparkling wine.

We have even designed exclusive solutions to make your life easier; the E2U™ RANGE. Created to facilitate fermentation and save you time.

active dry yeast

Active dry yeasts

SafŒno™ GV S107 – NEW!

Ideally adapted to premium whites.

→ Enhances aromatic complexity with fruity and floral aromas for elegant wines
→ Brings roundness and long-lasting finish
→ Highly suitable for Chardonnay

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ HD S62 – NEW!

For deeply colored and structured reds.

→ Favors high polyphenols extraction and ensures stable color
→ Amplifies aromatic intensity towards fresh fruit aromas
→ Shows very strong fermentation abilities

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ HD S135

For full bodied… and smooth reds.

→ Enables good tannin extraction while providing a round and well balanced structure
→ Enhances ripe fruit profile
→ Strongly resists to difficult fermentation conditions

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ STG S101

For fruity red and rosé wines

→ Perfect for light and fruity reds with high ester production
→ Recommended with processes associated with the production of young wines

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ CK S102

The ideal strain for aromatic white and rosé wines.

→ Intensifies the aromatic profiles of whites and rosés
→ Performs very well within a wide range of fermentation conditions

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ BC S103

The choice for extreme conditions

→ Adapts to all kinds of must: high brix, nutrient deficiency,… and stuck ferment
→ Reveals and enhances white and rosé wines aromatic potential

SafŒno™ UCLM S325

Varietal characters at their best

→ Optimizes the expression of aromatic varieties
→ Brings body to light white wines

SafŒno™ UCLM S377

For long ageing and fruity red wines.

→ Ferments slowly to optimize long macerations and finely structured wines
→ Produces highly aromatic red wines

SafŒno™ VR 44

For safe fermentations and prise de mousse.

→ Naturally resistant to difficult fermentation conditions
→ The perfect yeast for sparkling wines and notably prise de mousse

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ SC 22

THE original starter yeast

→ Neutral strain with an ideal fermentation kinetic for barrel processed red wines
→ Very low SO2 and volatile acidity producer

Easy 2 Use

SafŒno™ NDA 21

The choice for elegant fruity style red wines.

→ Allows the production of intensely colored and well balanced wines
→ Recommended for harmonious fresh, fruity and spicy reds

fermentation aids

Fermentation aids


The polyvalent fermentation booster.

→ Brings organic nitrogen, vitamins, survival factors and support elements to your fermentations
→ Works alone or in synergy with a source of mineral nitrogen
→ Good option for highly clarified musts

SpringFerm™ Xtrem

For difficult fermentation conditions.

→ High source of available organic nitrogen to secure difficult fermentation
→ Extra supply of vitamins, survival factors and support elements
→ Malolactic fermentation booster

SpringFerm™ Equilibre

The complete solution to care about your yeast.

→ Organic and mineral nitrogen sources work in synergy to secure fermentations while simplifying operations
→ Source of vitamins, survival factors and support elements
→ Good choice for sluggish or stuck ferments

Easy 2 Use


The most efficient nutrient for multiple savings.

→ Alliance of highly nutritive and detoxifying organic compounds
→ Pumpable liquid, totally dispersible for a faster effect
→ Safe and easy


The original pure yeast hulls.

→ The best detoxifier of your must to prevent or cure stuck ferments
→ Important source of survival factors for challenging fermentation
→ Use alone or in combination of one of the nutrient from the SpringFerm range or ViniLiquid

SpringCell™ BIO

The organic version of pure yeast hulls.

→ The best detoxifier of your must to prevent or cure stuck ferments
→ Important source of survival factors for challenging fermentation
→ Use alone or in combination of one of the nutrient from the SpringFerm range or ViniLiquid


Functional products

SpringCell™ Color G2 – NEW!

The new generation of SpringCell™ Color.

→ Improves the content, the quality and the stability of the polyphenols to improve structure and long term color
→ Improves the mouthfeel of full bodied long ageing red wines

Easy 2 Use


The perfect fining agent produced from yeast.

→ Source of yeast native proteins with remarkable fining abilities
→ Removal of targeted astringent and bitter tannins to improve the organoleptic profile of your wine
→ Thick and compact lees to limit loss of wine

SpringCell™ Color

For stable color and smoothness in red wines.

→ Performs on color intensity and stabilization from the beginning of the fermentation
→ Reduces tannin astringency thanks to a high content in yeast polysaccharides


Preserving aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines.

→ Inactivated yeast with strong antioxidant properties to prevent aging, aroma loss and browning in white and rosé wines
→ Helps and supports the yeast during fermentation

SpringCell™ Manno

The best of lees for balanced, rich and stable wines.

→ Gives roundness and volume to wines
→ Recommended in addition or replacement of lees to improve wine balance



Safizym® Clar Plus

Enzymatic preparation for the must settling of white & rosé wines.

→ Optimized clarification of white & rosé musts
→ No secondary activities that could harm wines organoleptic quality

Safizym® Clean

Purified & concentrated for Premium vinifications optimization.

→ Simultaneous actions on clarification & extraction
→ Organoleptic quality improvement

Safizym® Col Plus

Enzymatic preparation enabling color extraction & stabilization.

→ Enables the clarification et improves the pressability of the must
→ Contributes to the stabilization of the color (free of anthocyanase type secondary activities that are harmful to color stability)

Safizym® Pres

Enzymatic preparation for maceration of white wines.

→ Optimized pressing cycles
→ Improvement of wine organoleptic quality

Easy 2 Use



Till now, in the wine world, you had to take great care of yeasts prior to inoculation. You had to rehydrate and acclimatise them while watching water and must temperature carefully. All this taking up to 45 minutes.


Now, with the E2U™ solutions:

  • you can pitch your yeast directly into the must,
  • temperatures or content sugar can vary

You keep the same quality of viability, fermentation abilities and organoleptic profiles.


Choosing E2U™, you save time, energy and water; you make savings, you get comfort and security; without ever comprising your results. All those who try never look back. You too, be part of the success story.


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