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SafSpirit™ CO-16: the ideal choice for distillation on lees.

As a distiller and creator of spirits or liqueurs; safeguarding your production processes and obtaining optimum alcohol content will no doubt be paramount. You need a yeast that is efficient. Because predictability is crucial in the world of distilling, our active dry yeasts have been developed to meet the most stringent international standards in respect of quality, safety and hygiene. Moreover, they are stable over time: this means the yeasts you choose today will be the same tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Somewhat like your vintages.

Whether you distill whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila or liqueurs, Fermentis has a range of solutions selected just for you.



SafSpirit™ CO-16 – NEW!

For the fermentation of wine and the production of brandy

→ For clean and crispy wine spirits, especially distilled on lees
→ Enhances fruity (acetate and fatty acid esters) and floral (2-phenylethanol) flavors.

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SafSpirit™ M-1

For the distilled grain beverages that will be aged in barrels.

→ Traditional strain used by producers of Scotch and single malt whiskies.
→ Very good attenuation due to the assimilation of complex sugars.
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SafSpirit™ GR-2

The ideal yeast for plants without temperature control

→ Produces very neutral alcohol, especially from grain and other kind of amylaceous substrates.
→ Ideal for vodka production.
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SafSpirit™ USW-6

The performer yeast in all kind of grains or blends of grains

→ Traditional strain used by Bourbon and American whiskey distillers.
→ Very good and delicate profile of congeners.
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SafSpirit™ FD-3

Ideal yeast for fruit fermentation.

→ Fructophilic strain with very high alcohol tolerance
→ Recommended for microdistillers to produce alcohol from plums, cherries, pears, apples and more!
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SafSpirit™ HG-1

The choice for very high gravity fermentation

→ Very good yields when fermenting at very high gravity, maximizing the production capacity and generating incredible savings in energy.
→ Produces neutral alcohol profiles.
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SafSpirit™ C-70

THE most popular strain with distillers.

→ Produces very high quality alcohols and congeners from all kinds of substrates.
→ Very popular within rum producers in Central America and the Caribbean.
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SafTeq™ Blue

The blue agave juice strain

→ Presents a good tolerance for toxins
→ Produces tequila and primarily tequila 100%
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SafTeq™ Silver

The traditional strain used in Mexico.

→ Has a good performance in juice-producing agave tequila and mezcal.
→ Ferments well agave juice musts supplemented with sugars that do not come only from agave.
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SafTeq™ Nutri

The fermentation activator.

→ Complex nutrient formulation based on yeast derivatives and other nitrogen sources.
→ Specifically formulated to optimize the fermentation of agave juice.
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