Fermentis app focus – the Yeast Advisor

Fermentis Application Yeast Advisor

Fermentis app focus – the Yeast Advisor

Fermentis App - Yeast Advisor

The Fermentis range of yeasts and fermentation products is getting bigger every year! Choosing the right yeast to use to create a specific type of beer might seem a little daunting at times…

At Fermentis, we strongly believe in brewer creativity! We’ve been experimenting with many different yeast strains and we know that there are different options to brew a specific type of beer. Yeast, malt, temperature and acidity interactions are complicated things, and sometimes, one yeast strain may be a better choice than another in a certain set of conditions.

Guiding you towards the right yeast strain

One of our priorities is to make you life simpler! That’s why we created our Yeast Advisor on the Fermentis application. To make things as easy as possible, we decided to start off with the type of beer you’d like to brew. Next, you choose the attenuation you’re looking for, and finally the remaining sugar content.

Once you’ve selected all this information, the Fermentis yeast advisor will give you a recommendation, based on your choices. Generally they’ll be one favored yeast strain, but we’ll also give you a few other strains that we’ve tried and that will help you achieve the perfect craft beer!

How do we reach these results?

As a brewer, the Fermentis Yeast advisor may seem like a simple tool – And we really hope it is! Yet behind the scenes, there’s a lot going on. We’re collecting and compiling huge amounts of data about our yeast.

Thanks to our professional weekly tasting panel, we’re been looking into how our yeast strains interact with other ingredients such as malt varieties, and how they react in different conditions, on a sensory level. Our research team has been studying this data year after year to reach the conclusions you can get from the Yeast Advisor tool.

We will carry on with this fascinating research in the future, and the data and findings we make will help us provide new advice, documentation and tools about yeast and fermentation.

Where can you find the yeast advisor tool?

If you’re an iPhone user, just visit the Apple Store, search for Fermentis and you’ll find our app. Download it for free. It’s also available for Android users on the Play Store! Once you have it, check out the fermentation tools section, and the yeast advisor.