Fermentation solutions

Fermentis has two product ranges: active dry yeasts and yeast derivatives; both offering flexibility in their application, based on technical characteristics and also functional and sensory characteristics.

beer fermentis

You create beer?

Do you want to discover new sensory pathways, work on the subtlety or originality of your aromas, the power of your taste? Do you need to take risks, manufacture differently, delegate some of your creations?

wine fermentis

You create wine?

The quality of our yeasts and fermentation solutions means Fermentis can shoulder you upstream in your creation process, whether you produce red, white, rosé or sparkling wine.

spirits fermentis

You create spirits?

Because predictability is crucial in the world of distilling, our active dry yeasts have been developed to meet the most stringent international standards in respect of quality, safety and hygiene.

other spirits fermentis

You create other fermented beverages?

If you want to create something new or to renew something traditional, we’ll be pleased to help and innovate for you.

Our latest releases

Since 2014, we have considerably increased our R&D investments, particularly for enhancing pleasures of the senses. Here are our portfolio’s newcomers.

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