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Point of attention! 

Note that you could find a different yeast classification for this product on our sachets and on older versions of our communication tools.

Indeed, this product was previously classified as Saccharomyces bayanus, but as the taxonomic classification of yeasts is a highly evolutive concept, the most recent edition of ‘The Yeast, a taxonomic study’ made us revised our classification to be aligned with the scientific community.

For sustainable reasons, we made the choice to use our remaining stock of printed sachets before we re-print new ones.

In the meantime, don’t worry if you have already fermented your beverage with this yeast strain, yeast taxonomy classification has no impact on the product characteristics.

The organic version of SafCider™ AC-4

To maximize the fruitiness of your cider

Ideal to produce fresh and crisp cider

To bring sweetness and complexity to your cider

The right choice for balanced ciders