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Fermentis Academy™

At Fermentis we want to provide the very best information about our products and how to use them. That’s why we launched the Fermentis Academy™: to learn, share and exchange about yeast and fermentation.

fermentis academy in France

Applied research

Applied research is one of the key components of the Fermentis Academy. The Fermentis R&D Team work on new products and improving existing ones, specifically by studying micro-organisms on two levels.

The technical performance of the yeast, bacteria or other micro-organism during fermentation.

The effects of the micro-organism on the sensory profile of the final product.

Share & educate

Research is step one for the Fermentis Academy. Sharing our knowledge and educating all our users about fermentation and how to use our range is just as important.

That’s why at the Fermentis Academy is also an educational hub, with events organised at our Headquarters, locally throughout the world and remotely via webinars.

Fermentis Academy™ photos & videos

Check out some of our photos from Fermentis Academy events around the world.