A quality seal for your yeast & derivatives

E2U™ – Easy To Use 

Using our products has never been easier.With E2U™, save precious time and effort: try now and you’ll never look back.

Understanding E2U™

E2U™ is a groundbreaking step taken by Fermentis in the world of yeasts and yeast derivatives for beverages.

With E2U™ certified products, save time and energy. With less to worry about, you can focus on what you do best: creating the finest fermented beverages for your customers.

When it comes to yeast, E2U™ certification means you can choose to pitch directly into the wort, or proceed to rehydration. It makes no difference, it’s up to you. We guarantee the same results.

For yeast derivatives, with E2U™ certified products, you’ll enjoy low dustiness and high dispersibility in the tank.

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Fermentis active dry yeast (SafYeast™)

  • Yeast cell viability: no significant difference whether you direct pitch or rehydrate
  • Fermentation performances (kinetic, sugar content, etc…): no significant difference whether you direct pitch or rehydrate
  • Taste & aromas: no impact whether you direct pitch or rehydrate

Fermentis yeast derivatives

  • Low pulverulence (you can pitch without any inhalation risks)

    This is the criterion that confirms a product is ‘safe to use’. Pulverulence measures the risk of inhaling fine particles released from a sachet when it is opened, especially when opened rather quickly or vigorously. The finer (or the more ‘dusty’) the particles, the greater the risk of inhalation.

  • High dispersibility after pitching

    This measures the ability of a powder to spread homogeneously in a liquid when a stirring is applied. Powder is considered dispersible when it completely gets into the liquid without creating lumps (aggregates). NB: the powder is ‘dispersed’ and not ‘dissolved’ as most of the time we are considering insoluble yeast derivatives.

Over 90% of the Fermentis yeast and derivative range is E2U™

Only products containing enzymes, like SafBrew™ HA-18 are not E2U™ certified. They can still be pitched directly into the wort or must, but they are best used with face protection equipment like a mask, to avoid inhalation and potential discomfort.