We are oenologists, brewers, scientists, engineers, logisticians, trend-setters, researchers, marketing experts… But we are also men and women with passion and experience. Just like you and your customers, we like beer, wine, tequila and cognac, and we do our best to contribute to their quality.
Our strength lies in our complementarity.

Experts above all

Our technical and sales representatives
are experts first and foremost.

They know the properties of our products as well as the expectations of our customers and partners. They advise you about our products and make sure you get the best from them. But they can also manage tailor-made projects, work with you on expressing aromas, conduct tests in your vineyards, wineries or breweries, run trials in our own laboratories or even help take action in cases of difficult fermentations.

Regional knowledge

You will find our teams and experts on 4 continents.

Indeed we want to stay as close as possible to our customers and their local culture. This enables us to assure a responsive and reactive service. It is also the best way to be in touch with our customers’ markets, their consumer trends, business practices and local regulations.

However as our expert in Mexico testifies, this requires both adaptability and empathy.