The Fermentis Campus

A unique hub dedicated to beverage fermentation, hosting the Fermentis teams as well as the Fermentis Academy.

Home of beverage fermentation

Built on a wonderful site in Northern France, just outside Lille, the Fermentis Campus was designed as a hosting hub for everyone involved in beverage fermentation: the Fermentis team, the Fermentis Academy and of course, all of our partners and customers throughout the world.

The Fermentis Campus integrates many of our values and is a great representation of our vision, as well as an essential step to achieving it: becoming the obvious choice for beverage fermentation.

The site includes state-of-the-art facilities, especially for applied research and development through the Fermentis Academy program.

But it was also designed to host people in the best conditions, encourage meetings and opportunities, sharing and learning. It is an open and welcoming place, showcasing all of our expertise.


Cutting-edge research

With the Fermentis Academy, dedicated to applied research and development as wall as education, the site is equipped with the very best installations to explore the fascinating world of beverage fermentation.

The technical hall, at the heart of the Campus, includes over 50 different fermentation vessels, including 1hl fermenters and barrels to study all fermentation conditions.

A physicho-chemistry and microbiology lab are designed to study the technical features of the beverages produced on site using our microorganisms.

The sensory lab and its trained panels of beverage tasters help us characterize and explore all our product range in a variety of conditions

Generous reception facilities with conference rooms and an interactive visitor centre allow for efficient hosting and education programs.