Everything we do to simplify the fermentation process for you, to safeguard production or even save you time, works towards the single objective: helping you express your inventiveness and creativity with confidence. This leaves you free to concentrate on what makes the difference: the taste and aromas of your beverage, and the pleasure your consumers will experience by drinking it.

At Fermentis, supporting your creativity is a priority. For our managing director, it’s the top priority. Innovation, quality, service, dependability and sustainability are key drivers for Fermentis evolution.

We fight on five fronts for you

Stéphane Meulemans is an entrepreneur. Since taking over at Fermentis, he has been working on five key priorities. All of which are very pragmatic and customer-focused.


Support the creativity of our customers

This is our priority. For a long time yeast was considered a commodity. It facilitated fermentation, safeguarded yields and that was about it. Today, alcohol producers understand that yeast is also a tool for giving character to their products. It affects the final quality, flavor, aromas and perception of the product as a whole. This is changing our customer relationships, which are becoming increasingly like partnerships. It also means we need to be more informative, more present in the field and invest more in R&D. It is a fantastic reward for all our hard work over the years and a great motivator for our teams. It is also very pleasant and stimulating to help improve the qualities of a beer, wine or spirit… I understand the fun the teams have working on these challenges and I enjoy it with them!


Find new technical solutions

Fermentis has always invested a great deal in its industrial resources. Working to professional standards and meeting the highest quality, safety and hygiene standards are fundamental in our business. This industrial expertise and specialized knowledge of the raw material means that today we can produce in necessary quantities, take on specific demands or even test under “real” conditions the solutions proposed by our R&D teams…and we’re not stopping there! Furthermore, over the last two years Fermentis has launched several technical innovations on the market. The first liquid yeast derivative, a fermentation activator (ViniLiquid™); a clarification product (Spring’Finer™); and a solution for refermenting beer in the bottle (SafAle™ F2). These advances make all the difference, so we are continuing with our research and investments with the help of our parent company and its research division and also our partners.


Make life easier for our customers

This challenge is at the crossroads of the first two. Our customers have a lot to do. We need to free them from the less creative tasks and reduce their down-time. They need to concentrate on their creativity, their core business, their customer relations… This conviction, this desire led us to create a specific range of products, part of the E2U™ concept.


Support entrepreneurs

There are some great things happening in the world of fermented beverages.
We are seeing young designers, small distilleries, craft breweries, new wine estates… There are risks, there is daring and some wonderful surprises. And as with any kind of creative endeavor, there are also disappointments.
This is a virtuous model, even for the market’s biggest players who are pushed to be even more inventive. This is why we want to support the efforts of those who give it a try, maybe because we share this taste for innovation and initiative.


Trusting relationship

In our business, time, experience and expertise build products, brands and brand loyalty. Honesty, generosity, loyalty and trust are key values. Confidence between us, confidence in our product, the confidence of our customers… How can we operate without confidence and trust when our everyday involves meetings, discussions and shared pleasures?

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