Quality improvement

Today our portfolio of yeast strains and derivatives products meets the most demanding international quality standards. This is our core business and the offer in which we have matchless experience. We must constantly challenge ourselves, seeking to improve all the time.

On a daily basis, our customers help us to direct our investments towards concrete solutions, immediately applicable to the needs and challenges they are facing.

New products, new applications

In addition to continuous improvement there are also new products. These are technical solutions created in response to market requirements. Consumers were looking to brew Belgian-Saison-style beers? We created SafAle™ BE-134 yeast for brewers. Winemakers needed to save time and make the fermentation stage easier? We created ViniLiquid. Alcohol content is on the increase in vineyards? We launched SafŒno™ HD S135, to change the feeling of the wine and coat the tannins.

Since 2014, we have considerably increased our investments in R&D, particularly working on increasing the pleasure of the senses. Here again, Fermentis benefits from Lesaffre’s support and its 180-strong research team.

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