Beer yeast: the best solutions for brewing

Our beer yeast strain line-up is designed to answer the requirements of all brewers, regardless of their size and location. We are always looking to improve our range, with new products added every year based on the needs of the market.

Thanks to your feedback, collected from our worldwide presence, we have been able to address specific trends and design very innovative brewing yeast solutions, such as the first Brettanomyces active dry yeast: SafBrew™ BR-8.

Check out some of our beer and brewing range right here or read on to learn more about beer yeast.

Beer & brewing yeast, falling - Fermentis

SafAle™ beer yeast range


The ideal wheat beer yeast for Belgian-style whites


A historical yeast for German-style wheat beers

Ideal for dry and spicy Belgian-style beers, like Saisons

Designed for bottle and cask conditioning

The champion yeast for Strong ales

The ideal yeast for English & American ales, with balanced fruity notes

Beer yeast for delicate and hopped beers

The right phenolic yeast for English & Belgian-style ales

SafLager™ beer yeast range


The optimal yeast to reveal the esters in Lager beers

The solution for fruity and hoppy lagers

A great yeast for elegant lagers with floral notes

The strong & robust lager yeast, ideal for neutral beers

SafBrew™ beer yeast range


An all-in-one yeast & enzyme blend for dry complex beers.


The first dry Brett designed for your bottle and/or cask conditioning

An all-in-one yeast & enzyme blend for lower-carb dry lager beers

The obvious choice for dry flavorful beers, such as Brut IPA

The ideal yeast for low- and no-alcohol beers

The obvious choice for very high gravity beers

What is beer yeast?

Beer yeast, also known as brewing – or brewer’s – yeast, are specifically designed yeast strains, selected for their excellent properties in the beer fermentation process.

At Fermentis, our range is all in dry form, meaning the yeast was dried at its most lively state in terms of viability and vitality. In a similar way to freezing food, drying microorganisms such as beer yeast is the best way to safeguard its properties. When dry, the yeast cells are dormant. Their shells are shrivelled, but they are still very much alive.

After rehydration, in wort or water (thanks to E2U™), the yeast recovers all of its fermentative abilities. It’s ready to turn your wort into the beer you dream of!


What types of brewing yeast does Fermentis offer?

In the Fermentis brewing line-up, we have 3 main ranges of beer yeast and mixes.

SafAle™ is our range dedicated to ale beers (top fermenting). We have strains for many different applications, depending on what kind of beverage you’re trying to achieve.

SafLager™ is our range for lager beers (bottom fermenting). With multiple strains for this hugely popular beer style, brewers can experiment and create diversity and subtle differences.

SafBrew™ is our range of specialty brewing yeast solutions. This includes mixes of yeast and enzymes for extra dry or high alcohol content beers, SafBrew™ LA-01 for low alcohol beers and SafBrew™ BR-8, the very first dry Brett yeast on the market.


What are the benefits of using active dry yeast for brewing?

There are several benefits to using active dry yeast (SafYeast™) over liquid yeast, not least, the stability and shelf-life of the product. Watch the video below and you’ll understand what these key advantages are.