Innovation as a driver

Our customers work in highly competitive markets, for demanding yet flighty consumers; regulation issues are becoming increasingly complex and climate difficulties add to operational pressure. Everything is constantly evolving and things happen extremely quickly.

At Fermentis, innovation is pragmatic.

Innovate, what else?

We need to continually improve and multiply in order to constantly remain aligned with both new trends and new practices. We must also look further ahead, and anticipate the products of the future. That’s what we have done for wine makers, with the E2U™ product range. Once you test it, you never look back.

fermentis quality

Quality improvement

Today our portfolio of strains and derives products meets the most demanding international quality standards. This is our core business and the offer in which we have matchless experience. We must constantly challenge ourselves, seeking always to do better. On a daily basis it is our customers who help us to direct our investment towards concrete solutions, immediately applicable to the needs and difficulties they are facing.

New products, new applications

In addition to continuous improvement there are also new products. These are technical solutions created in response to market requirements. Consumers are looking to brew Belgian-Saison-style beers? We have created the SafAle™ BE-134 yeast for brewers. Winemakers need to save time and make the fermentation stage easier? We have created ViniLiquid. Alcohol content is on the increase in vineyards? We have launched SafŒno™ HD S135, to play on the feeling of the wine and coat the tannins.

Since 2014, we have considerably increased our investments in R&D, particularly working on increasing the pleasure of the senses. Here again, Fermentis benefits from the Lesaffre group’s muscle, with its 180 researchers.

Applied research

Our teams include many scientists whose working culture is essentially driven by the idea of progress. We are not, however, a fundamental research group. At Fermentis, we are firmly focused, and our aim is to respond to precise needs which have been identified with our customers. Setting priorities and integrating pre-determined needs helps us find solutions.


THE E2U™ CONCEPT is the result of three years observation in the field, research and tests. In R&D, three years might not seem long. Yet this concept is as revolutionary as it is simple to introduce.

Our second belief in terms of research, is that knowledge is to be shared. That is why we have decided to set up a program to share results of our research efforts. A program through which you will meet our experts and benefit from their experiences. The “Fermentis Academy” is born.

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