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GoodNews Fermentis


Easy 2 Use // Market emerging trends in Latin America & China // Aromatic profiles…



fermentis goodnews


Wine colour, all about symbols // How can we influence flavours? // R&D, our yeasts yield (some of) their secrets…



goodnews fermentis


Trends in wine to watch closely, all over the world // E2U™. Two new yeasts and a birthday to celebrate // SafŒno™ range classification // Fermentis at a glance: its people, services, products, partners…



goodnews fermentis


The innovative range E2U™ gives birth to three new yeasts // ViniLiquid™, Spring’Finer™, SpringCell™ BIO… At Fermentis, innovation is concrete. // Research. 70 wineries involved in a campaign of trials, in 7 countries…



goodnews fermentis


All of our products will now use a unique umbrella brand, FERMENTIS, with a clear identification on all the industries we are involved in. A specific color is dedicated to each business segment. Products will also be differentiated by application: Active Dry Yeast, Fermentation Aids, Functional Products and Enzymes – using specific symbols and colors.



fermentis sauvignon

Perfect Match Sauvignon Blanc

You are seeking to…

Minimise the impact of oxidisation phenomena, control alcoholic fermentation in difficult conditions, build on aromatic potential and improve the overall organoleptic quality, simplify and ensure safety of fermentation procedures to minimise number and cost thereof….



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