You create other fermented beverages?

So many different beverages are created all over the world, inspired by local crops and traditions. Some create cider, some produce kvas, some others make kombucha… A new generation of fermented beverages is rising, very creative, made from fruits, malt or tea. Partly stimulated by healthy issues, this market is very challenging for us. It rises fast and is as interested as we are by the quest of new aromas and sensations.


If you want to create something new or to renew something traditional, we’ll be pleased to help and innovate for you.

SafCider™ AB-1

The best yeast for balanced ciders

SafCider™ AS-2

To bring sweetness and complexity to your cider

SafCider™ AC-4

The right choice for fresh and crisp ciders

SafCider™ TF-6

The right choice for maximizing the fruitiness of your cider


Ideal yeast for sorghum production

SafKvas™ C-73

For Kvass production on grain or fruit substrates

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