Complete solutions for wheat beers

Looking to produce wheat beers? Whether it’s German, Belgian or your very own style, we’ve got you covered. Check out our complete solutions for wheat beers.

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Our complete range

Fermentis has developed three yeast strains tailored to the diverse world of wheat beer styles. SafAle™ W-68™ and SafAle™ BW-20 are engineered to enhance the distinctive characteristics of German and Belgian wheat styles while preserving their essence.

SafAle™ WB-06 is part of our historic yeast strain offerings. This versatile yeast strain can produce a range of characteristics depending on the conditions applied, including a pronounced phenolic and estery profile with notes of banana and apple, culminating in a typically dry finish.

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Our product line-up for wheat beers


The ideal wheat beer yeast for Belgian-style whites


A historical yeast for German-style wheat beers

The perfect solution for wheat base beers

Wheat or white beers?

In German, “Weisse” means “white,” and “Weizen” means “wheat.” This linguistic connection might lead to believe that all wheat beers are “white” due to their shared Germanic roots.

However, some wheat beer styles can surprise you with their rich, dark shades, like the German Dunkel Weissbier, also known as Dunkelweizen. Wheat beers come in a vast array of colors, and our new strains are the perfect choice to answer those needs!

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