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The wine industry demands round & smooth wines that can be made available to the market quickly. Fermentis has developed SpringCell Manno, a 100% yeast polysaccharides product (glucans & soluble mannoproteins) that represent the noblest part of the lees.

SPRINGCELL™ Manno technical features

For light wines with poor structure.

– For red wines from tannic and deeply colored cultivars.
– For any type of wine in addition to fine lees.

Contribution in roundness & volume

SpringCell™ Manno contains highly soluble mannoproteins non linked to ß-glucans whose efficiency is instant in the wine. These polysaccharides finely act on the volume and body sensation usually brought during an ageing on lees.

Decrease of the astringency

Polysaccharides combine themselves with the most astringent tannins to attenuate the hardness and bring roundness to the wine.

Red color stabilization

Yeast polysaccharides allow a long lasting stabilization of the tannin anthocyanins complexes.

Wine stabilization

SpringCell™ Manno brings wine more richness in protective colloids (mannoproteins). At the rates at which they are present in the wine, these polysaccharides prevent the crystallization of tartaric acid salts.

Prevention of off-flavors

SpringCell™ Manno can substitute itself for fine lees, thus avoiding the formation of reductive notes generated by the latter (H2S) during the ageing period. This substitution also prevents the development of any undesirable microorganism contained in the natural lees.


Addition of SpringCell™ Manno is recommended at the beginning of ageing.
Red wines: 20-40 g/hl
White wines: 10-30 g/hl
Dissolve SpringCell™ Manno in a minimum of water.

Warnings :

This product is not totally soluble.
SpringCell™ Manno yeast hulls are subjected to usage limit of 40g/hl according to the European legislation.


Dry matter: > 94%
Total nitrogen: 1.4-3.0%
Total Polysaccharides: 42-56%
Mineral matters: 2.5-5.5%


Carton of 20 vacuum-packed sachets of 500g each (Full box net weight: 10 kg).
1 bag of 10 kg


Fermentis® guarantees an optimum storage of this product during 3 years in its original packaging at a temperature of maximum 20°C and in a dry place.

Fermentis® guarantees the product complies with the International Oenological Codex until its Best Before End Date in the storage conditions mentioned above.

Fermentis® fermentation aids and functional products are exclusively produced from natural yeast products. The Know-how of the Lesaffre group guarantees end users, high performing products as required by modern oenological applications.

The data contained in this technical sheet are the exact transcription of our knowledge of the product at the mentioned date. They are the exclusive property of Fermentis-Division of S.I.Lesaffre. It is of the user responsibility to make sure that the usage of this particular product complies with the legislation.

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