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For fruity and velvety red wines.  

For fresh, clean and mineral sparkling wines  

For elegant white wines with complex aromas  

For fruity sparkling wines

For intense thiols expression

For intensely fruity white and rosé wines

For all organic certified wines

Enzymatic preparation for maceration of white wines

Enzymatic preparation enabling color extraction & stabilization

Purified & concentrated for Premium vinifications optimization

Enzymatic preparation for the must settling of white & rosé wines

The innovative yeast derived fining agent

The best of lees for balanced mouthfeel and stable wine

To protect the aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines

Innovative liquid fermentation booster

For stable color in red wines

For enhanced color stability in red wines

For elegant and fresh terpenic white wines

The organic certified solution for sluggish and stuck fermentations

The solution to prevent sluggish and restart stuck fermentations

Multipurpose fermentation nutrient

Fermentation nutrient for difficult conditions

The complete nutritional package for your yeast

The original strain to respect terroir typicity

For optimal varietal expression and sweet wines

For long ageing and fruity red wines

For fruity and elegant red wines

Ideal for barrel ageing white wines

For deeply colored and structured red wines

For secured fermentations and sparkling wines

The obvious choice for extreme conditions

The original strain for aromatic white and rosé wines

For intensely fruity primeur red wines and rosés    

For full bodied and smooth red wines