SafSour™ LP 652

Safsour LP 652 bacteria - Fermentis

Available in 100g packaging.


Bacteria for beer brewery - Fermentis

A highly reliable bacteria to create balanced sour beers

SafSourTM LP 652 has been specifically selected by Fermentis for its capabilities to provide tropical, citrus and fruity notes when use in kettle souring. Giving a nice freshness to the beer, SafSourTM LP 652 is a homofermentative lactic acid bacteria.
Ideal for kettle sour beer recipes.

Ingredients: Lactobacillus plantarum Lp652; Maltodextrin as a carrier


An optimum dosing rate of 10 g/hL provides a lactic fermentation within 24h – 36h.


It is recommended to pitch directly into the non-hopped wort at the temperature of 37°C.

  • SafSour™ LP 652 acidifies non-hopped wort within 24h – 36h at a temperature range of 37°C (+/- 3°C).
  • SafSour™ LP 652 as homofermentative lactic bacteria produces mainly lactic acid and a low amount of acetic acid.
  • SafSour™ LP 652 presents a low tolerance towards iso alpha acids (half of the SafSour™ LP652 growth’s is inhibited, IC50 of 5 ppm).
  • SafSour™ LP 652 reaches a final pH of 3,2 – 3,6.
  • SafSour™ LP 652 releases tropical, citrus and fruity notes with a freshness sensation


Product transportation can be carried out at ambient temperature ideally not more than 30°C for prolonged periods of time. i.e maximum 14 days.
Peaks of up to 40°C are allowed.
Storage must be done under cool temperatures (< 4°C/39.2°F) and in dry conditions.

Shelf life

36 months from production date when stored under cool temperatures (<4°C/39.2°F). Refer to the packaging for “Use Best Before Date”. Do not use soft or damaged sachets.



  • Be sure to keep the product at 4°C (39.2°F) or below.
  • We strongly advise users to make fermentation trials before any commercial usage
  • Please note that isomerization yield of alpha acids in acidified wort is reduced compared to standard wort (pH~5.2).
  • Viable cells at packaging: > 1011 UFC / g
  • Total bacteria*: < 10000 UFC / g
  • Acetic bacteria: < 1000 UFC / g
  • Coliform: < 100 UFC / g
  • Wild Yeast non-Saccharomyces*: < 1000 UFC / g
  • Mold: < 1000 UFC / g

Fermentis dry brewing yeasts are well known for their ability to produce a large variety of beer styles. In order to compare our strains, we ran fermentation trials in laboratory conditions with a standard wort for all the strains and standard temperature conditions (SafLager: 12°C for 48h then 14°C / SafAle: 20°C). We focused on the following parameters: Alcohol production, residual sugars, flocculation and fermentation kinetic. Given the impact of yeast of the quality of the final beer it is recommended to respect the recommended fermentation instructions. We strongly advise users to make fermentation trials before any commercial usage of our products.