I work with winemakers all over Southern Europe, from Portugal to Italy. This represents hundred thousand producers with hundreds of different grape varieties and huge number of types of wine. But, beyond sensible differences, there is a trend that leads to the search for fermentations and therefore yeasts that can develop and promote the typical aromas of the grape variety and of the cultivation area. In white wines, in addition to the varietal aromas, winemakers search bouquets of fresh aromas and complex sensations of fresh fruit, citrus fruits and spring flowers. In younger red wines, they look for balances between the sensations of small red fruits and various spices combined with a tannic and body equilibrium. All my customers want to create a wine different from the others and my job is to provide different solutions and ideas to satisfy their needs. I could tell you about one of my customers, a few years ago, who was stuck with white wines not in line with the modern requests. After long talking and trials, he was able to change their typology, implementing a new technology of nutrition combining SpringArom® and ViniLiquid™ and fermenting with the yeast SafŒno™ CKS102. Since, his wines won several prices around the world and I was proud to be a piece of that success.


After some years of experience in wine business covering different position from wine maker in a Tuscan winery, as R&D manager to propose biotechnologies for fermentation, I could talk about my strengths but I would rather talk about one of my characteristics that have guided my work and personal activity in recent years. Surely one of the most important one is the passion and the sincere admiration for the transformation of relative simple raw material in extraordinary and not fully known food products. Wine and its evolution along the years is one of the most interesting and extraordinary examples. The oenologist has to drive these processes at the best the biotechnology can offer today. The desire to know, to investigate going deeper and deeper to all fermentation topics and try and put into practise new ideas in order to respond more correctly to the different questions that colleagues winemakers but also final customers have concerning fermentation and wine process should be the guideline for our daily active/job.

Roberto Pavesi

Sales Manager

Roberto Pavesi is a professional in oenology

Roberto Pavesi has a Master’s degree in Food Science at Milan university and following oenologist title. He is working as a Sales Manager for South Europe. He is based in Milano, Italy. His strong point is understanding the customer needs to find the right solutions to their requests. If you ask him about his favorite wine, he will answer you in the typical romantic but true italian way! “I prefer and I like to discover during my trips the harmonic wines in the musical sense where the different notes are combined to form a complete and pleasant sound created by the land, the culture and the passion in full respect of the environment. The red or white wines that express this personality are my favourites.”

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