SpringCell™ yeast hulls are high performing fermentation aids that act efficiently against stuck & sluggish fermentation. They help act on the long term yeast viability thanks to their must detoxification properties and the supply in survival factors for the new yeast generations. They also bring insoluble support elements that help maintain fermentation activity.

SpringCell™ BIO yeast hulls are issued from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts specifically grown on organic certified substrate and processed accordingly to keep an organic certification.

Toxins adsorption test

SpringCell™ BIO vs SpringCell™ decanoic acid adsorption results

Decanoic acid is one of the greatest yeast growth inhibitors.

One of the effects of SpringCell™ is to adsorb this decanoic acid, making the environment much more favorable for yeast cell reproduction and fermentation efficiency.

SpringCell™ BIO yeast hulls have identical adsorption capacities when compared to the conventional SpringCell™, meaning they are both extremely efficient at improving the environment for yeast to develop.

Sensory studies (not included) also revealed there was no significant difference in terms of organoleptic impact between both products.

> Key lessons

SpringCell™ BIO shares the same highly efficient must detoxification properties as SpringCell™ conventional yeast hulls, without any significant sensory differences.

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The solution to prevent sluggish and restart stuck fermentations

The organic certified solution for sluggish and stuck fermentations