Available in 1kg – 10kg and 25kg packaging.


Multipurpose fermentation nutrient

SpringFerm™is a fermentation activator based on partially autolyzed yeasts, around 3 times richer in available nitrogen than basic inactivated yeast. Directly issued from yeast, it brings amino acids, sterols, minerals & vitamins. Absence of these compounds can be harmful for a complete fermentation.

SPRINGFERM™ technical features

Synergetic effect between mineral and organic nitrogen

Organic nitrogen improving the ammonium assimilation, with a SpringFerm™ supply in addition to a mineral nitrogen source (diammonium phosphate DAP), yeast nutrition is optimized.

Mastering of organic nitrogen level

SpringFerm™ is an activator 100% of natural origin and as such, represents an amino nitrogen source that allows the wine maker to master the balance between organic and mineral nitrogen in the must. Its richness in both nucleotides & essential amino acids (Glutamic acid, Asparagine, Leucine, Lysine, Serine), is crucial for the synthesis of proteins.

Richness in survival factors (ergosterols)

SpringFerm™ contains 20% yeast cell walls that are rich in lipids and notably ergosterols, which are considered as oxygen substitutes in strict anaerobic conditions. They are necessary to ensure the resistance to ethanol of the membrane and its permeability to carbohydrates.

Vitamins supply

SpringFerm™ naturally contains up to 600 mg/kg of Thiamine. A sufficient dose to cover the yeasts’ needs and avoid the production of high levels of SO2 and acetic acid. Additionally, SpringFerm™ is rich in folic acid, calcium pantothenate and niacin.

Support effect

The insoluble part of SpringFerm™ plays a supporting role in case of too much clarified musts. Turbidity increases without facing organoleptic deviations caused by heavy lees.

Carignan must 2012, 12.8% v/v, initial YAN: 102ppm, free/total SO2: 36/70ppm

At yeast inoculation: DAP 24g/hl (blue) or DAP 24g/hl + SpringFerm 20g/hl (red)
At 1,055: DAP 24g/hl (blue) or DAP 24g/hl + SpringFerm 20g/hl (red)

SpringFerm supply in comparison to “DAP only” allowed securing the fermentation in difficult conditions.


20g/hl of SpringFerm™ for an equivalent supply of 10 ppm of Yeast Available Nitrogen

It is recommended to calculate the optimum amount of nitrogen to be added during the fermentation depending on the yeast chosen and the quantity of available nitrogen in the must. In order to have a complete nutrition, it is recommended to supply SpringFerm™ (usual dosage of 20g/hl) in combination or not with DAP at third-mid fermentation if the must is initially slightly deficient in YAN.
In case of highly clarified must, the addition of SpringFerm™ should be done at yeast inoculation and renewed at third-mid fermentation.


Carton of 10 vacuum-packed sachets of 1kg each (Full box net weight: 10 kg).
1 bag of 10 kg
1 bag of 25 kg


The high rate of dry matter of our yeasts assures an optimum storage in its original packaging at a temperature not higher than 20°C (during 3 years) and 10°C for an extended storage (4 years). Fermentis guarantees the product complies with the International Oenological Codex until its Best Before End Date in the storage conditions mentioned above.

Each Fermentis yeast is developed under a specific production scheme and benefits from the know-how of the Lesaffre group, world leader in yeast manufacturing. This guarantees the highest microbiological purity and maximum fermentation activity.

The data contained in this technical sheet are the exact transcription of our knowledge of the product at the mentioned date. They are the exclusive property of Fermentis-Division of S.I.Lesaffre. It is of the user responsibility to make sure that the usage of this particular product complies with the legislation.

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