Complete solutions for sour beers

Acidity plays a crucial role in creating unique and eccentric beers. Interested in exploring the world of sour beers? Look no further – discover the perfect selection with SafSour™!

Meet our latest addition

SafSour™ Barrel Instinct

This crafted blend is a symphony of flavors,a celebration of fermentative and wooden-related complexities with a balanced acidity.

When matured in barrels or kegs, SafSour™ Barrel Instinct transforms into a captivating experience that reveals wood and winey nuances.


SafSour™ Fruit Intuition

SafSourTM Fruit Intuition, a true masterpiece of fermentation, promises an unparalleled journey into fruit complexity with a gentletouch of acidity.

It’s an exploration of diverse fruitiness that evolves and matures, revealing a spectrum of flavors overtime.

Our product line-up


A unique dry fermentation solution for complex sour woody/winey beers


A unique dry fermentation solution for complex sour fruity beers

A kettle-souring bacteria that respects the yeast flavor expression

A highly reliable bacteria to create balanced sour beers

Our collaboration with the talented local artist Flouk

To capture their essence and own unique universe, we collaborated with the talented local artist Flouk.

Those universes embrace the concept of serendipity, where imagination, reasoning, subjectivity, intuition, knowledge, and creativity converge – with chance at its core.
In scientific terms, it’s the art of making discoveries, sometimes by happy chance.

We invite you to embark on a journey of happily creative chances with our two mixes!


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