Available in 10kg packaging.



This product is E2U™

What does this mean?

Ideal yeast for neutral alcohol base such as hard seltzer

Developed to ferment “pure” sugars very fast without any other additions and to obtain a perfectly neutral final product.

Ingredients: minerals and vitamins (see detailed composition on product label).
All ingredients are food grade or pharmaceutical grade.


440g/hl (SpringFerm™ NAB-2) or 550g/hl (SpringFerm™ NAB-3) for high gravity wort containing
[270 – 300] g of “pure” sugar / liter.

For low gravity wort, contact us at fermentis@lesaffre.com to know our recommendations.


For the yeast strain chosen, please consult the yeast TDS for fermentation temperature ranges.


Due to the neutrality target of the final product, focus should be on sterility throughout
the process. However, please note that sterilization or pasteurization could damage vitamins
contained in SpringFerm™ NAB.
→ First cool down sugar solution or very high adjunct wort to 30-35°C/86-95°F,
then add SpringFerm™ NAB.
→ If possible, run agitation/recirculation for 10 minutes to ensure homogeneity,
prior to yeast pitching.
→ Yeast should be either pitched direct in the fermentation vessel (if the yeast chosen
is certified E2U™) or rehydrated in a separate vessel. In this case, fill a vessel with 10x
the weight of yeast in sterile water at 32-35°C/90-95°F.
→ Add dry yeast to the vessel and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.
→ After this waiting period, gently stir the solution to further rehydrate the dry yeast in water
to make a cream solution.
→ Wait an additional 10-15 minutes and the cream yeast is ready to pitch.
For the yeast strain chosen, please consult the yeast technical data sheet for fermentation
temperature ranges.

You want to produce hard seltzers or any other beverage with a neutral alcohol base? SpringFerm™ NAB is the obvious solution you can get. Developed to ferment pure-sugar media and high adjunct wort with yeast, this is a 100% mineral based fermentation aid. You will obtain a very fast fermentation and a perfect final product without further additions.


Store at room temperature (under 25°C/77°F) in a dry space away from sunlight. Opened sachets must be sealed and stored at room temperature (under 25°C/77°F) and used within one month of opening. Do not use soft or damaged sachets.


Refer to best before date printed on the sachet.