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All our investments are spent finding tangible solutions for the requirements we have identified with our clients. Winemakers needed to save time and facilitate the fermentation process? We created ViniLiquid™. Some were looking for sustainable products? SpringCell™ BIO was born. Consumers are returning to abbey-style beers? We created yeast SafAle™ BE-256. They want fruity and floral white wines? We launched SafŒno™ GV S107. Since 2014, we have considerably increased our R&D investments, particularly for enhancing pleasures of the senses. Here are our portfolio’s newcomers.



SafAle™ HA-18 – NEW!

Ideal mix of yeast and enzymes for very highly attenuated beers such as Barley Wines

SafAle™ BE-134 – NEW!

The obvious choice for highly attenuated beers with phenolic character such as Belgian-Saison style



SafŒno™ GV S107 – NEW!

THE premium white wine strain

SafŒno™ HD S62 – NEW!

For deeply colored and structured reds



SafSpirit™ CO-16 – NEW!

For the fermentation of wine and the production of brandy

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