When it comes to crafting sparkling wines, the choice of yeast plays a crucial role in defining the aromatic character, fermentation kinetics, and overall quality of the final product. At Fermentis, we offers a range of innovative solutions designed to meet the various needs of winemakers aiming to sparkling wines. Let’s explore some of our key yeast strains and their specific applications.

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SafŒno™ SPK 05: for fresh, clean, mineral Champagne and “Prise de Mousse”

SafŒno™ SPK 05 stands out for its ability to resist challenging fermentation conditions while contributing positively to the wine’s aromatic character. Whether you are producing premium white base wines or aiming for the perfect “Prise de Mousse” SafOneo™ SPK 05 is the yeast of choice.

Its clean fermentation profile, strong kinetics, and low nitrogen demands make it ideal for crafting sparkling wines with a fresh and mineral expression.

For fresh, clean and mineral sparkling wines  

For premium closed-tank sparkling wines

SafŒno™ PR 106: for Prosecco & Terpenic

For winemakers seeking excellence in Prosecco base wines, SafŒno™ PR 106 is a game-changer. With an intense fruity and floral aromatic profile, this yeast brings complexity to the wine, balancing acidity and sweetness while reducing potential defects. It exhibits a clean, fruity character and a fresh mouthfeel, earning accolades for its positive impact on Glera grapes.

Beyond Prosecco, SafŒno™ PR 106 is the perfect choice for floral and fruity whites, especially terpenic varieties like Muscat. This yeast promotes the release of terpenes, enhancing the aromatic complexity of the wine. Its well-balanced notes of amylic and fruity characteristics make it equally well-suited for Chardonnay bases, particularly those grown in warm climates.

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SafŒno™ VR 44 and SafŒno™ VR 44 BIO: for safe fermentations and “Prise de Mousse”

SafŒno™ VR 44 is renowned for its excellent fermentation characteristics and resistance to extreme wine making conditions. Adapted for all types of applications, SafŒno™ VR 44 excels in both secondary fermentation (“Prise de Mousse”) and primary fermentation. Its versatility and reliability make it a top choice for sparkling wines!

Under organic certification, SafŒno™ VR 44 BIO retains all the features that make SafŒno™ VR 44 exceptional, with added benefits for organic wine making. Resistant, robust, and with low nitrogen needs, this strain allows winemakers to decrease input use. This strain is particularly well-suited for producing high-quality organic base wines and excels in secondary fermentation for organic sparkling wines, offering crispness and freshness.

For safe fermentations and prise de mousse

The power of VR 44 under organic certification


Elevate your sparkling wine production with our innovative yeast solutions. Whether crafting fresh, clean, and mineral expressions or aiming for the complexity of premium Prosecco and terpenic whites, at Fermentis, we can provides the tools for winemakers to achieve excellence in every bottle. With strains like SafŒno™ SPK 05, SafŒno™ PR 106, SafŒno™ VR 44, and SafŒno™ VR 44 BIO, we keep on being a trusted partner in the pursuit of perfection in sparkling wine.