Latest Covid-19 update from Fermentis

Fermentis Covid Update

Latest Covid-19 update from Fermentis

A message from our General Manager, Stéphane MEULEMANS

Dear partners, customers,
Be assured that all Fermentis staff is still mobilized during this difficult time.

  • We have put necessary measures in place to continuously be there, and support you in your respective businesses as much as necessary. In this respect, we’re also setting up a series of webinars for education and information purposes.
  • Our plants continue running at full capacity and our supply chain is uninterrupted ; unless local regulations create barriers.
  • Yeast, bacteria and their derivatives continue to be available for all business segments.
  • More specifically, we’ll be at the rendez-vous of the 2020 wine crush in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • We contribute to try to stabilize and reduce the Covid-19 spreading, by supplying fermentation solutions to produce alcohol from various sugar sources around the world; to be further integrated in the formulation of sanitizing gels.

We sincerely hope everything is as good as can be on your side.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime.
Warm regards,