Save the date! Fermentis Academy has started

The Fermentis Academy is a place of unique inspiration, at the crossroads between the world of research and creation. A place where you can discover, learn, share, exchange, talk about the art of fermentation. Dive with us into this new world, dive with us into the Fermentis Academy.

In this open, cosmopolitan place you will be welcomed by our researchers and tasting experts. You will also meet with other professionals who, like you, are seeking to make progress or innovate. An educational program for professionals of fermented beverages has been designed to exploit all results of our R&D.

Two events are planned very soon in collaboration with BSG Craft Brewing.

What is the program?


This 1-day symposium for brewers will cover topics including:

      • Yeast & fermentation basics: yeast physiology, basics of fermentation and respiration. Yeast growth and multiplication.
      • Yeast taxonomy: yeast in the Fungi Kingdom, evolution of beer strains and the domestication process, industrial strains and yeast phylogeny. New perspectives on yeast development, non-saccharomyces yeasts, diastaticus and POF+ strains.
      • Yeasts and beer diversity: how yeasts impact beers. Beer yeast characterization, sugar fermentation, flocculation, alcohol resistance, volatile compounds production and how they are affected by different fermentation parameters. Interaction of yeasts with other ingredients. Action of yeasts on hop compounds.
      • Yeast management in breweries: different yeast management strategies. Active dry yeast and its production process. Viability and shelf life of active dry yeast and E2U concept. Basics of propagation, yeast recycling and multiple yeast use in craft breweries. Cross contaminations within plants with other commercial or wild yeasts strains. Diastaticus strains. Case study.
      • Hops and fermentation: quality control of Fermentis yeast. How to minimize risks in plants. Exogenous enzymes for various beer styles: advance and highlight certain characteristics of your beers by using enzymes which are not naturally present in the brewing process.


Where is the next Fermentis Academy?


August 24th – Milwaukee, WI.

First come first served. After the event, we invite the early-subscribers to join us in a suite at Miller Park. Milwaukee Brewers are playing against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Don’t wait. Book your ticket HERE.

September 7th -Anchorage, Alaska.

The day before, you are invited to join us at 7:00pm to our social gathering to share beers, hors d’oeuvres and a good moment of friendliness. A great way to start this very special event.

Don’t wait. Book your ticket HERE.