Fermentis Academy is a program that aims to expand our knowledge of the science around quality beverage fermentation and characterization. We do it through detailed, applied research and by sharing the knowledge we are so passionate about. Our goal is to spread the word about our yeasts and its potential, and to facilitate the creativity of the brewers and winemakers worldwide.

For more than a year now, we are traveling around the world to meet beverages producer with different cultures, with different ways to work and different needs. India, US, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Canada, Chile, Mexico, each country we have visited has its own specificities and it’s our duty to understand them.

“Learn, share & exchange” are the three key words for our Fermentis Academy and that is exactly what we do. Each edition allows us to learn from local producers, share our last results and studies and exchange about the trends and the expectations everyone has.

The coming month is a month full of opportunities to meet you, don’t miss the occasion to be there with us!

  • Guelph, Canada, October 8
  • Vancouver, Canada, October 10
  • Oslo, Norway, October 10
  • Aluminé, Argentina, October 11
  • Chengdu, China, October 16
  • Lille, France, October 18
  • Haerbin, China, October 18
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea, October 23
  • Záhlinice, Czech Republic, November 6 (already full)

Simply click on the city you’re interested in, to take your tickets –  spots are limited!
For Oslo, Chengdu and Haerbin, contact us through our Facebook page or our email contact: fermentis@lesaffre.com.

During all those events, we’ll talk about a lot of subjects, amongst them: fermentation science, yeast metabolism and aromatic expression, yeast diversity, POF character, diastatic strains, yeast management in breweries, the E2U concept, interaction between hops and yeast explained through application trials for NEIPA or Brut IPA.

Convinced? Grab your tickets, we are waiting for you!