We are proud to have attended the 2nd edition of the Brewer World Conclave held in India from February 23rd to 25th. The Brewer World Conclave is a highly anticipated event for the beer and brewing industry, bringing together professionals from around the world to connect and learn from each other.

Held in India, this exclusive event is the only beer and brewing industry show in the country and provides an excellent platform for industry players to connect and learn from each other.

Yeast & Hops Interaction: A Practical Guide for Brewers.

The Brewer World Conclave features a wide range of events, including presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, covering various topics related to brewing and the beer industry. During the event, we had three significant moments that stood out.

The first was our presentation on February 23rd titled “Yeast & Hops Interaction: A Practical Guide for Brewers“. We collaborated with Geist Brewing Co. and Brewnation for this presentation, where we shared valuable insights into the relationship between yeast and hops, offering practical advices for brewers looking to improve their brewing process.

SafBrew™ BR-8 workshop and tasting session

Our second big moment was the workshop on the same day about “SafBrew™ BR-8” where we showcased our product and offered attendees a tasting session with a Brett Ale brewed by Geist Brewing Co.

The workshop was led by our Regional Sales Manager, Huy Nguyen Duc, Joseph Pitt, Director of Sales APAC, and Vidya Kubher, Head Brewer at Geist Brewing Co. This workshop provided a great opportunity for brewers to learn more about our products and how they can be used to create unique and delicious beers.


Beer of India Awards

But one of the most significant aspects of the Brewer World Conclave is the Beer of India Awards Competition, where breweries from India and around the world submit their beers for judging. The competition provides a great opportunity for breweries to showcase their best beers and receive recognition for their hard work and dedication. We were proud to have our CEO, Stéphane Meulemans deliver two of the awards.

Overall, the second edition of the Brewer World Conclave was a great success for us. We had the opportunity to connect with brewers from all over the world, showcase our expertise, and even receive recognition for our products. We look forward to continued participation in events like this in the future.

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