We are thrilled to be exhibiting at Beijing Brew in China! It’s the first major event since China reopened its borders and the place was buzzing from the very start of the day. Hundreds of brewers coming from all corners of China are visiting the show and connecting with the beer industry.

Beijing Brew, which started as a beer festival, is located in the west of the Chinese capital, in a highly trendy exhibition center developed on a former steel production site. It’s the perfect venue for such an event.

The Fermentis stand is ideally located close to the craft brewers area. We’ve been getting a steady flow of visitors, all keen on knowing a little more about our range and trying some beers made with our yeast. We have 4 beers on tap, all produced locally, including an Imperial Hoppy Lager made with SafBrew™ LD-20 and a low-alcohol beer made with SafBrew™ LA-01.

This is also one of the first events where we share some photos of the Fermentis Campus and we have a VR headset so visitors can visit the Campus in a highly immersive experience.

The Beijing beer scene, and more generally the Chinese craft beer industry, is really growing and you can feel the excitement on such a show. Craft breweries and taproom are appearing everywhere and it’s a privilege to be part of this amazing journey by helping Chinese brewers make the beers they dream of.