BREAKING: Yesterday we were brewing our first-ever beers in our new Fermentis Academy research facilities at the Fermentis Campus. Listen to our General Manager – Stéphane Meulemans – talking about our very first brew!

Our opening salvo is ambitious! We’re working on 20 different beers from a single wort, inoculating with a variety of microorganisms. Thanks to our extensive range, we are aiming to produce some ales, low-alcohol ales, sour beers, and more! This is quite a complex first project but a great way to get the ball rolling. Stay tuned for the results in a month’s time.

About the Fermentis Academy

The Fermentis Academy is the branch of Fermentis dedicated to applied research (with a strong focus on product characterisation) and education, which includes events on-site at the Fermentis Campus and throughout the world to help share our fermentation knowledge with beverage makers.