A few members of our Fermentis Team went to The American Homebrewers Association’s annual Homebrew Con a.k.a “the ultimate experience for the greatest hobby there is—homebrewing!” We could not have said it better! Here’s a quick overview of the Homebrew Con in numbers: 41st annual conference, 70+ sessions, 90+ speakers, 50+ homebrew Clubs and 2900+ attendees.

That’s why it felt right to ask Gabriela Montandon, part of the R&D group and Technical Manager for Sensory Analysis at Fermentis to tell us a little bit more about her experience this year.

What’s your main takeaway of this year’s Homebrew Con?

It was incredible to realize that homebrewers, although brewing as a hobby, really seek a great amount of qualitative information like professionnals may do. They really treat their hobby ‘professionally’ which is very inspiring.

What was the highlight of the event for you?

The size and the attendance. A place that put together people who have been homebrewing for more than 25 years and the ones who have just started. From my perspective, it was an amazing opportunity to exchange with this very creative homebrew community.

What were you looking forward to the most?

To get in touch and to deeply understand the needs of this big and growing community regarding fermentation solutions.

Homebrew Con in one word?