If this sounds familiar, then you might have already seen our SafYeast™. If not, you can watch it right here. However, you might prefer a bit of good old written text! In which case, read on, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of Fermentis active dry yeast (aka SafYeast™).

1 – Reliability

To make a great craft ale, a beautiful red wine or a fiery tequila, there are plenty of things you need to think about. Reliability of your yeast is not one of them! As a brewer, wine or spirit maker, you need to have the utmost trust in your ingredients. And this is even more important given the key role of yeast in the fermentation process.   

With Fermentis active dry yeast, we offer unparalleled consistent performance and sensory qualities, in a variety of conditions.

2 – Ease of use

At Fermentis, we want you to be able to focus on more important matters than instructions of use. That’s why we’ve developed a range which is E2U™ certified (Easy To Use). How easy? Well, you can open the packet and pitch it straight into your tanks. Or you can rehydrate first. Either way, your yeast will mix into the wort and get to work in the blink of an eye. No dusty cloud and no clumps. For more information about our E2U™ certification, we have a whole page about it here.

3 – No special care

That’s it – you’ve just completed the magical act of pitching your yeast. You can now sit back and relax. Your Fermentis SafYeast™ is already hard at work. Propagating in the delicious mixture you’ve kindly prepared for it.

Think about the beauty of what you’ve just done. From a sleeping state, you’ve revived an immensely complex and wonderful micro-organism. These little yeast cells are going to devour the sugar in your wort or must, producing all the amazing flavours you’d imagined!

4 – Stability

With Fermentis products, stability has two dimensions. Our R&D, quality and industrial experts have worked hand in hand to ensure the genetic stability of our yeast, with a consistent genotype from one batch to another. Basically, in one same product, all yeast cells are perfectly identical twins.

And these twins don’t get old – or at least, not too quickly! Thanks also to exceptional shelf-life stability, we guarantee consistent performances for years and years.

5 – Quality

At Fermentis, we have quality control systems at every step of the manufacturing process, to make sure our products meet the highest standards. Our manufacturing plants operate at higher hygiene standards than many pharmaceutical companies.

Any batch that doesn’t meet our extremely high standards and quality checks is destroyed. Plain and simple. And we always investigate the cause to implement constant improvement.   

6 – Consistency

The very high quality and stability of our yeast and fermentation aids has an immediate effect for you, beverage makers: consistency. We know how challenging it is to produce the same beverage, time after time. Customer expectations often lean towards consistency.

In beverage making, there can be a lot of unknown variables, but Fermentis yeast isn’t one of them. If you use our yeast in the same way from one batch to another, you will achieve the same results.

7 – Freshness

Contrary to popular belief, Active Dry Yeast is the freshest form of yeast, even more so than liquid yeast. In nature, temperature and environment variations mean that yeasts and micro-organisms are regularly changing states: they can be more or less active and even become dormant.

Only the most extreme conditions will affect their viability though – they are extremely resistant even in very hostile environments.

When making Active Dry Yeast, the drying process takes place right after the production of the new yeast biomass. Between 70 and 95% of this biomass is preserved through the drying process, which keeps the yeast in exactly the same state as it was before (it becomes almost 100% dormant). On rehydration, the dry yeast is returned to its initial state, making it the most efficient and freshest form of yeast for beverage fermentation!

Liquid yeast, on the other hand, degrades very quickly right after production (hence the shorter shelf-life). So it can never be as fresh as freshly rehydrated dry yeast!

8 – Creativity

It is a common misunderstanding that liquid yeast gives brewers many more options to brew different beer styles, compared to Active Dry Yeast. Often, liquid yeasts are marketed for one specific beer style. But yeast, whether it’s liquid or dried, can actually be used for a variety of beer styles.

The behaviour of the yeast strain varies depending on the conditions you put it in: … concentration, temperature, malt and hops… , etc. You can achieve very different results. Think of yeast as you might of eggs in cooking. If you beat some egg whites with sugar and bake it in the oven, you’ll get meringues. If you mix eggs with some cheese and fry it: you’ll get an omelette.

Dry yeast is very versatile in that respect. A single strain can be used for several beer styles: it all depends on your beer recipe. Go ahead and experiment: these is unlimited potential for creativity when using SafYeast™.

9  – Availability

Knowing the right product is out there but not being able to get your hands on it, is a frustration we want to avoid at Fermentis. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a global network of partners and distributors, able to deliver our products anywhere in the world.

And because your requirements are often specific, we’ve adapted our package size to meet your different needs.

10 – No capital and cost-intensive yeast management

Managing yeast is a tricky business, we know (quite a lot!) about this.

Save time and space, equipment and energy, by handing your yeast management to a true world-class expert. So you can concentrate on what you love: brewing high quality beers.