Le compte à rebours a commencé

It’s coming up! The Fermentis Campus is getting its very own headquarters. Based in Marquette, on a historical Lesaffre maltery site, Fermentis is building and renovating its new HQs. 

This new site is very special for Fermentis, and will group in one single place a lot of essential new facilities: a full scale brewery with over 50 fermentors, an amphitheatre for presentations and training sessions, a sensory analysis center, a laboratory and of course, all the Fermentis offices.

Although some specific Fermentis Academy events will be held here, there will still be many worldwide events, organised by our local teams, as per usual.

All our team is really excited about this project, and we have a timelapse camera taking regular shots of the building site, so we’ll be able to remember the whole process when it’s all over. 

We can’t wait to welcome you there, cold beers will be waiting at the bar!


The Fermentis Team