Meet Fermentis in January!

Map of events and Fermentis academies in January

Meet Fermentis in January!

Map of events and Fermentis academies in January
2020 is here and this new year will provide plenty of opportunities to meet the Fermentis team near you! We have already 4 events lined up in January, with the Dutch Brewers Conference 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands, on January 21st, two Fermentis Academies on the 23rd (Asheville, USA & Valencia, Spain) and Cider Con in Chicago, USA from January 28th to 31st.


? Dutch Craft Brewers Conference / January 21st / The Hague, Netherlands

The Dutch Craft Brewers Conference is a an annual event held in the Netherlands, organised by the association of independent craft brewers of the Netherlands. We will be showcasing our latest yeast strains and derivatives, specially designed for the fermentation of craft beers (ales and lagers).

? Fermentis Academy / January 23rd / Asheville, USA

We are hosting our first Fermentis Academy of the year in Asheville, USA, on January 23rd. Sponsored by BSG, our distributor in the US, this is a great chance to learn more about yeast and fermentation, beer yeast taxonomies, beer diversity, yeast managerment in breweries, research and developement.

? Fermentis Academy / January 23rd / Valencia, Spain

We are hosting our second Fermentis Academy of the year in Valencia, Spain, also on January 23rd. Cohosted by Ricardo Molina, our distributor in the region, we’ll be covering topics such as the basics of yeast and fermentation, product quality and diversity.

? Cider Con / January 28th-31st / Oakland, USA

We’re really excited to be attending Cider Con 2020 in Oakland. Our research team has been working hard on new products and yeast strains for cider production, and we’ll definitely be able to tell you much more about that during the event, so feel free to visit the Fermentis booth!