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Time and Date Description Speaker Language Registration
FEBRUARY| 26TH | 3 PM EST Applied research SafLager W-34/70™, SafAle BE-256™, BE-134™ Jose Pizarro English
MARCH| 4TH | 6:45 PM CST Demystify Active Dry Yeast Hugo Picard English
MARCH| 10TH | 4 PM Paris time Hard Seltzer : quelle solution ? Alexia Didier French
MARCH | 26TH | 3 PM EST NA/LA Beers and microorganisms (SafAle LA-01™) Jose Pizarro English
APRIL | 9 TH | 3 PM EST The world of bottle conditioning Jose Pizarro English
APRIL | 30 TH | 3 PM EST Sour Beers Jose Pizarro English
MAY | 21 TH | 3 PM EST NEIPA study Jose Pizarro English


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Time and Date Description Speaker Language Registration
JUNE | 4TH | 6-8PM ARG Levadura Activa Seca: un camino sencillo y reproducible Diego Perotta Spanish
JUNE | 8TH | 5-7PM BRT Levedura Seca Ativa: um caminho fácil e consistente Patrick Zanello Portuguese
JUNE | 9TH | 3-5PM CST ADY: an easy and reproductible way Bryan Kreiter English
JUNE | 9TH | 5PM CEST Quels outils pour gérer vos fermentations difficiles? Nathan Wisniewski French
JUNE | 10TH A webinar in association with Hop Flyers Patrick Zanello Portuguese
JUNE | 11TH | 6-8PM ARG Primera dimensión: La línea de Base Napoleon Bonyouchoa Spanish
JUNE | 15TH | 5-7PM BRT Second dimension: the influence of fermentation paramenters Patrick Zanello Portuguese
JUNE | 16TH | 3-5PM CST The first dimension: the baseline Kevin Lane English
JUNE | 18TH | 6-8PM ARG Segunda dimensión: la influencia de los parámetros de la fermentación Marcelo Cerdan Spanish
JUNE | 22ND A new yeast solution for low-alcohol beers: SafBrew LA-01 Nathan Wisniewski English Coming soon
JUNE | 23RD | 3-5PM CST Second dimension: the influence of fermentation parameters Anne Flesch English
JUNE | 30TH | 3-5PM CST  Third Dimension. Interaction with raw materials Kevin Lane English
JULY | 7TH | 6-8PM ARG La última frontera: producción de “hard seltzers” José Pizarro Spanish