Fermentis was exhibiting at BrauBeviale 2019 in Nuremberg, one of the largest brewing trade fairs in the world with over 40,000 visitors.

This year, our booth was particularly busy during our 2 stand parties, which took place from 6 to 10PM. The beer tastings with our sensory analyst Gabriela were also very popular, with high levels of attendance every day.

We had quite a bit of news to share with you. Here’s a quick reminder of what we had on show: SafBrew LA-01 – A new low alcohol yeast strain. One of our very latest yeast strains, the SafBrew™ LA-01, generated a lot of interest during the 3 days in Germany. Designed for low alcohol beers, this yeast doesn’t assimilate maltose or maltotriose, but only simple sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose.

More info about LA-01

SafSour LP 652 – A bacteria for refreshing sourness. SafSour™ LP 652 is our very first bacteria, designed to provide tropical, citrus and fruity notes when used in kettle souring. Highly reliable, this bacteria creates lactic acid, giving a beautiful freshness to your beers.

More info about LP 652

Spring’Blanche – A yeast derivative for stable haze. Spring’Blanche™ is a functional product designed to produce a natural and secure stable haze in beer. It is made from yeast protein extract. It’s ideal for wheat beers, Belgian Style Wit or hazy IPAs.

More info about Spring'Blanche