The 100g pouch

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Exciting news: we are launching an all-new beer yeast package size. Meet the 100g pouch, designed to offer more convenience and flexibility for the brewers of the world!

The pouch-type package bridges the gap between the 11.5g sachets (soft packs, under inert atmosphere) and the larger 500g bricks (hard packs, under vacuum). We still have the 10kg foils of course (hard packs, under vacuum).

This may seem obvious, but in the brewing world, home or craft brewers produce different volumes. Especially with the rise of “nano brewing” which is defined as a small brewery or brew pub, producing three barrels or less in each batch.

The 100g pouch really fits those needs perfectly, but it’s also a great and versatile addition to our range, for any type of brewer.

Like the 11.5g sachets, the 100g pouches are sealed under inert atmosphere to protect the viability, vitality and general quality of the yeast. They are available for all beer products of the SafAle™ and SafLager™ ranges!