With SafBrew™ LA-01, it is now possible to brew great tasting beers with low or no alcohol content.

With the trend for low-alcohol beers growing, it was obvious for us at Fermentis that we needed an innovative brewing solution to answer this trend.

Find out all you need to know about our low-alcohol brewing solutions in this article.

Low alcohol beers – watch the video

There can be so many reasons to want a low-alcohol beer.

But whatever the reason, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality. With SafBrew™ LA-01, brewers can make great tasting beers with very low alcohol content.

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The ideal yeast for low- and no-alcohol beers

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Introducing SafBrew™ LA-01

Watch our video introduction of SafBrew™ LA-01 : the ideal yeast for no and low-alcohol beers.