SafŒno™ PR 106 testimonial with Vlady Bortolin, Colesel Spumanti - Fermentis
SafŒno™ PR 106 testimonial with Vlady Bortolin, Colesel Spumanti - Fermentis

Vlady Bortolin, from Colesel Spumanti, tells us about his experience with SafŒno™ PR 106.

How did you get the opportunity to try this yeast?

I was supplied by the HTS Oenologist distributor Fermentis in Italy after we had discussed several times about wanting one or more real yeast strains to produce of bases and sparkling wines destined to obtain the various classes of prosecco: CARTIZZE, VALDOBIADENE PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG, PROSECCO DOC.

What were the most important results for you in sensory, analytical and kinetic terms?

Going in order, the kinetics proved to be conform with the type and methodology I used for the processing of the must wines, the latency times were very low and therefore had an excellent adaptability to the medium of the strain, giving the possibility to carry out several tests simultaneously with identical bases, but with different fermentation temperatures; for this the response was also excellent. On an analytical level, values for volatile acidity, acetaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide production were always carefully examined. Minimum in-line values were paired with all parameters if these were not lower than the high strains employed and used for comparison. In terms of organoleptic qualities and taste, I was particularly impressed by the freshness and the aspect that this yeast brings to the bases that I obtained. Trying it out on grapes and therefore musts of different origins I did not get repetitive results; on the contrary it reflected and highlighted the various characteristics of the different areas and territories. By highlighted I mean that the floral and fruity notes of that base were very clean and sharp compared to the comparison strains. From this there have been no aromatic contributions that take away from the grape variety and traditional qualities, which is essential for me in my sparkling wines.

Did you use the E2U™ direct inoculation method for this test?

NO. In my case, traditional rehydration and multiplication was performed using the method currently set out in the company’s protocol. This is to have a more accurate comparison with the other strains.

Is the Prosecco produced in line with your standards or is it somehow better?

The final result is in line with our quality standards and the characteristics present in the bases are excellent. The aromatic trousseau obtained with this yeast is very fresh and clean; it respects the genome of the vine and highlights it. No exaggerated or unsuitable aromatic traces are present or have developed. This is a fundamental characteristic for me to highlight the different CRU. The bases still present in the cellar are beautifully toned, the aromas are still persistent, clean and fresh. Is it better? In my opinion, yes, the products obtained are not standardised and uniform, but they reflect and therefore respect the characteristics of the different territories and origins.

Would you recommend this yeast to someone else and why?

Yes. The test was performed on a single harvest, the results have proved to be excellent and the yeast does not present any kinetic or sensory problems, on the contrary it enhances the quality of the grapes.

Were there any particular moments where you must pay attention during its use?

The tests must always be followed to the letter so in my case it was always controlled from rehydration to the end of fermentation. For prosecco, which is delicate by nature, to obtain the final product there cannot be any problems during fermentation, the wine assimilates them immediately. Constant analytical and sensory checks have allowed me to understand and witness the excellent characteristics at each stage of fermentation.

What do you generally produce? Is Prosecco important in your production?

My production is prosecco: 95% of the grapes produced and the wine and sparkling wine produced are prosecco. Starting at the top is the CARTIZZE, in the middle the VALDOBBIADENE PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG and at the base the PROSECCO DOC. We are a company that has been producing and making sparkling wine in Valdobbiadene using the Martinotti method since 1949. For us, prosecco has always been essential, we were born in its territory and we want the whole world to share it, locking in the bottle all its distinguishing characteristics. I believe that with SafŒno™ PR 106 this is easier to achieve.
I would also like to add that given the results on the bases, I wanted to try the strains in sparkling wine as well. I must say that here too, the very short latency worked very well indeed, just like for the base, the coexistence with the increase in pressure and alcohol did not create any problems and neither did the temperatures used. Excellent result both for organoleptic and chemical and physical properties.

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