The cider harvest season has started in the Northern hemisphere! Time to take a look at what we have to offer for cider makers. Beyond the actual yeast strains we launched recently, we have an extensive study that we used to select the best yeast strains to steer your cider flavour profile in different directions.

SafCider™ range in a nutshell

Discover the SafCider™ range: with 4 products + 1 organic variation, we have a very strong line-up to steer your fermentation and ultimately, deliver different ciders with different characteristics, just by changing yeast strains.

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The right choice for balanced ciders

To bring sweetness and complexity to your cider

Ideal to produce fresh and crisp cider

To maximize the fruitiness of your cider

The organic version of SafCider™ AC-4

Our study on exploring diversity of cider profiles

Exploring diversity of cider profiles through the selection of new yeast strains

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In this comprehensive study led by R&D Manager Etienne Dorignac, you’ll find some information about the global cider market, a table of the most popular cider styles and the characterisation of the different selected cider yeast strains, with robustness, analytical and aromatic profiles.