Low alcohol beers – everything you need to know

Brewing great tasting low-alcohol beers is now possible with SafBrew™ LA-01.

NEW: SafYeast™ for beer now available in 100g packaging format!

Fermentis beer yeast range is now available in a new package size: the versatile 100g...

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The All-in-1™ yeast & enzyme blend designed for producing very dry lager beers with a...

Brew lower carb* beers with SafBrew™ LD-20

With SafBrew™ LD-20, it is possible to brew lower-carb* beers, with the same ABV as...

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SafYeast™ – 10 reasons to use Fermentis active dry yeast

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SafSour™ LP 652 – a bacteria for your Sour beers

The first bacteria of our range to help brewers create sour beers.

Rediscover the SafLager W-34/70

All you need to know about SafLager™ W34/70 and its detailed sensory expression.

(Re)discover the SafAle™ BE-256

The fruity strain for brewing strong and flavor rich Belgian Ales.

Homebrew Con 2019 in one word? Passion!

A few members of our Fermentis Team went to the Homebrew Con. A.k.a "the ultimate...